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Everything looks better in 'COLOUR'! basis the Pantone 2018 trends for the season

  • Purple Realtors by
  • 20 January 2018
Everything looks better in 'COLOUR'! basis the Pantone 2018 trends for the season

If 2017 was all about vitality, relaxation, and the great outdoors, 2018 will signify felicity, mystique and charisma. This tenderness shall manifest your home decor and interiors with the use of muted greys through hues like Nile Green as a grey and pistachio-green blend making it one soothing pastel shade and Ash Rose which is a comforting whisk of grey with red. Bright colour pops Pink Lavenderwhich is like the fanciest bubble-gum lemonade mocktail, Meadowlark a blissful fusion of honey and marigold, Ultraviolet- an electric shade of indigo are all colours to look forward to.

Just so, if you are heaven-sent and adore articulation furniture, famous masterpieces, or even lovely artistry wall paintings, then this colour awakening trend is great in your result. A sequel of this rage is the rising pursuit of laminates, since they can inconspicuously raise the magnificence of the walls in the form of facades or clads, tabletops, closets and other surfaces.

Also to bring in, the year 2018 is supposed to be the year of the 'Brown Dog' in the Chinese calendar, which is the sign of male earth dog, and is evinced in mountainy colours such as greens, browns, and pastels. Enliven this spell of prestige and manoeuvre with a mischievously curated pantone palette, being one with an allegory of luck, romance, and personality.The greyish pistachio, blush pink and fanatic indigo not only indicate the prospect of luck, and ardour but also the steadfast covet to be a personality in a persona, whilst maintaining lucidity, affection, and fellowship.

Bring home luck!

For those who love playing with colours, Ash Rose (auburn greyish red), a muted pink pastel with a grounded hueor a basic white when combined with a secondary complementing colour Lime Punch (bright green chilli pickle giving a green bamboo feel), results in a by-product which is highly versatile. Just throw in some furniture in ash grey nuovo smoked-wood and a blonde wooden floor, or maybe a super-glossy or a pearlescent finish table-tops for a classy yet uber-chic look. Possibly, a vintage look could be played around with, think teak cabinets, airy windows with sheer curtains, wood pattern laminate furniture and a royal chandelier, bringing opulence and radiance to your dwelling.

Spice your life, with Romance!

Cherry Tomato, a deeply strong and heated dynamic colour that has an orange undertone is described as the top pantone for 2018. Interestingly, yellow and red are next-door neighbours on the colour wheel that essentially say the same thing - they draw attention in. They're more than warm, they're hot. Many designers today, are experimenting with the orange undertone of cherry tomato which adds fierceness to any space with its natural aura. Place anunderlying-statement bed in teak, and contrasting-complementing cushions or table pieces in cherry tomato and blend it with complementing coloured laminates with a matte or glossy finish as per liking and utility. Complete the look with some fresh flowers, book shelves for the love of a reader in you, a patterned rug embracing the beauty of real wood flooring through which every grain tells a story, and indulge in the differentiated experience.

Flaunt your Personality!

A little change goes a long way and a little colour goes even further. From the mainline colours, the other important focal point for the interior world will be the 'Meadowlark' depicting wonderland- the dream escapade. It extends as an anchoring colour which has fantastic meditative abilities. The meadowlark (honey marigold) is adopted from the world of paints and is creating ripples for its ability to reflect 'light' in remarkable ways, and is mostly acceptable outdoors. Discover a whole new world of scullery by playing with the meadowlark-white contrasting complement playfully. While hitting this stark contrast, let the yellow standout in the form of glossy cabinets neutralised by stainless grabbers, stuccoed texturesor panelled walls, embracing the beatify of the kitchen withglass lamp-lights or other wall hangings to strike the perfect blend between art and nature.

Indulge in these colours this season, and celebrate a new life with luck, romance and personality hitting the top ranks on your fellow-list.