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Innovative, smart dwelling is trending in

Safe, sustainable, economical and environment-friendly are the new buzz words in the world of smart homes.

Living with the idea of smart technology is no longer restricted to the usage of smart phones.

It has moved into our living rooms in the form of smart appliances or furniture and is gradually changing the way we do our daily chores. Safe, sustainable, economical and environment-friendly are the new buzz words in the world of smart homes.

Like in the West, Indian companies too are toying with innovative technologies to improve the liveability quotient of citizens.

Several novel machines were on display at Muncipalika, the 14th International Exhibition and Conference on Smart and Sustainable City Solutions in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. A host of companies displayed their products especially designed to make your house smart.

Smart battery invertor Can you imagine a battery that is maintenance-free and communicates with you over the Internet? This first Internet ready battery comes with a remote monitoring feature and keeps you updated about the state of the battery and its single cells independent of the inverter. This feature helps the user nail early problems, change of parameters and make an analysis of typical battery usage. A Mumbai based firm, Vision Mechatronics, is making lithium ion battery, LiRack, the world's first multi-purpose Internet-ready battery which is eco-friendly and works with high energy efficiency.

"Li-Rack is absolutely safe to install at home and is non-flammable as well as non-explosive. Some of its models can be wall-mounted to save space. It does not emit any fumes or pollutants and is ecofriendly," said Dr Rashi Gupta, founder member of the company.

Smart lights and appliances

With a single flip of a switch, one can turn off all the lights in the house. Yes, it's possible with a centralized lighting system that gives the user a complete control on appliances in selected rooms. This remote control not only allows you to switch on or off the lights but also to brighten them or dim them as per requirement.

Moreover, with the help of sensors, the lights can turn on assessing movement in the room and shut off automatically when not required. Who wouldn't want this type of smart home system, right?

Lighting giants, Philips and Bajaj Electricals are offering a range of such smart LED lights.

A new variety of ceiling fans have hit the Indian markets that run on remote control and claims to save over 50 percent on power bills. A Coimbatore-based company has manufactured Superfan, India's first efficient ceiling fan that comes with a 5-year warranty, which runs on BLDC technology and is already a winner of several awards. "It comes with a remote control for on off and five speed settings and can run on low voltage as well. Built for durability, it comes with a rust-proof body," said Sundar Muruganandhan, MD, Versa Drivers Private Limited.

Smart waste management

How would you react if someone tells you that you could convert your kitchen garbage into a natural compost on a daily basis to feed your greens? Going from garbage to green is indeed a smart idea. "We help manage household waste in an efficient, economical and eco-friendly manner with a complete organic waste management solution through our machines that can handle waste ranging from 25 to 1250 kg, designed for homes, societies, restaurants, villas, commercial complexes etc. We provide installation and maintenance of our fully automatic machines," said Aayush Gupta, Director, Reddonatura. So, no more ugly sights of garbage strewn around your home.

Smart security

A smart security system is the top priority of every home. A security system installed in your home is comprised of wired surveillance cameras, sensors, smoke detectors, fingerprint scanners, etc. The homeowner can check or access the surveillance camera system even from a remote location and view the live feed of the house. The alarm systems and surveillance cameras help prevent house break-ins.

So, happy shopping!


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