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Interiors tips - space and sensibility


Do you aspire to add a little zing to your home?

After all, it's an easy and inexpensive exercise. Our expert suggests tips to indulge in, this weekend...

How do you personalise your space and make it your own? Here is a lowdown...

1. The mantra is to be quirky. Quirk is less about shopping or objects and more about an attitude.  For instance, colour where you don't expect it, such as inside a closet or ceiling;

2. There is no reason to wait around until your budget allows you to buy real art! You can make little nothings out of postcards, souvenirs, etc;

3. Avoid 'white light' and opt for yellow light instead, as it can give you the feeling of warmth;

4. Keep in mind that a home doesn't need to be based on trends but on taste and something which you don't get bored of in the long-term;

5. Storage the bane of Indian homes. The more designated places you have for specific items, the less your house will end up resembling a junkyard;

6. A cozy corner to read a book or a comfortable space to read your morning newspaper, will only make your life more beautiful;

7. Never get matching sets of furniture it is monotonous and boring;

8. Say 'no' to symmetry throw in a single chair or an unusual shape of furniture.


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