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New home decor trends

Here is a quick guide to getting your interior decor on point, while having comfort and function as your number one priority.

As the new season rolls in, the trends in interiors get updated on the go. Fast life calls for calmer homes. Our homes are becoming our sanctuaries where we deter, relax and shut down; but modern age homes need an edge above all of that. The trends this season are not only inclining towards serenity and comfort, but towards minimal yet cutting-edge design and functionality. Curated below are home interior trends that deserve a look in before you plunge into decorating your abodes:

Sleek black

Matte black is the colour of the moment in sleek appliances, cabinet doors, lacquers and finishes and even ceramic tiling. Black has broken the stereotypes from being a staple of the young and the sporty and is making its' way through all kinds of home because of its sleek exterior and smart look.


The interior styling is getting a whimsical touch and it's made to feel much more personal at the moment. Cabinets that are mismatched in bright pastels or an array of differently patterned antique chairs around a table, is now completely acceptable and highly adored. The trend found its way through since it comes with a homely and inviting feel, where it only reflects that not much thought has been given into discipline. This trend plays with our heads, making our homes much more comfortable and fun.

Marble accents

Marble and its richness is making a comeback, but this time, instead of being slathered all across your flooring and staircase and denting your bank accounts by a big number; marble is coming out in small pieces of luxury. Think candle holders, lamps, coasters, door handles and photo frames. These accentual styling can not only add an element of luxe, but they will go a long way, in terms of retain ability.

Tech-less living spaces

There's no escape from technology in this digital age, but more and more families are opting in for living rooms that are free of television sets and phones to encourage healthy family time. Instead, entertainment dens are given a place of their own. By keeping their family rooms unplugged, home owners also ensure that they can entertain their guests without hassle.

Practical and matte finishes

Last year was all about all things glossy and metallic finishes were a highlight to fittings and fixtures. This year the trend is flowing exactly in the opposite direction. Bold matte finishes along with oxidized metals, matte glazes and chalk-finis textures are all the rage this season. Matte finish is not only muted and classy but easy to maintain and clean. The best news?! Matte finish complements next to just about anything.


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