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High living

Developers in Pune are taking luxury to the next level by offering unique amenities and services.

The luxury home market in Pune is growing like never before. Developers in the city are witnessing a rise in the number of enquiries for residential complexes that will have all the basic amenities in place, along with all the frills and a dash of extravagance.

"Historically, Pune has been a major cultural, economic and educational centre in India. Along with the growth in the economy and an increase in spending power, many are opting for luxury in every aspect of life. Contemporary spaces that are rich in architecture and have a strong connect with our cultural ethos seem to be a popular pick. Resident's desire to be in touch with their roots has fueled the demand for luxury homes.

With the check list going far beyond traditional factors like the distance between home and the workplace, markets situated close by, the amenities available in a project and the cost, luxury home buyers are looking for open living spaces that feel like home and yet look global. "Availability of vast spaces within a unit is quintessential in luxury property now. Home-buyers expect finer finishes and international house accessories in their houses,"

Even in the luxury segment, there are certain lifestyle amenities that are a given and then there are the ones that really set a property apart from the others. Add-ons like golf greens, hyper marts, jogging tracks, independent swimming pools, home automation, and modern clubs with exclusive member's lounges, spas and gyms have all made it into the uber luxury market. "Nowadays, certain units have separate elevators for each home through which the residents can access their apartments. Some home buyers also prefer semi-finished apartments that allows them to customise their house according to their taste,"

While most luxury projects are usually found on the fringes of the city, there are a few that are trying make space for luxury right in the heart of the city. "Today, projects are being established with the aim of providing a luxury living experience for people who are not willing to move out of the city. On the flipside, since there are no sprawling spaces in the city, these luxury projects may not have some of the features that one might expect in a luxury unit,"

Though these are a few qualms concerning luxury homes, the developers here plan out the luxury spaces diligently. For instance, a developer in Pune chose to develop a property in a place that will provide its residents with a view of the azure Bay of Bengal as well the lush green campus of the Theosophical Society. Such ideas seem to be the order of the day.

Yet another factor that sets apart these houses from the rest, is the amenities that is made available in these houses. A prominent shopping mall that is developing an uber luxury condominium project takes into account this important aspect of housing. "Every element of living space is designed keeping privacy, exclusivity and comfort in mind. The concierge services, security and housekeeping services will be as that of a seven-star hotel,"

These are some of the projects that are ready to provide the potential buyers with the experience of luxury.


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