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The role of a treasurer


It is imperative that a treasurer performs the following duties for the effective functioning of the CHS.

A managing committee is elected democratically through the election offi cer appointed by the State Co operative Election Authority (SCEA).

The chosen managing committee elects the office bearers like the chairman, secretary and treasurer in the presence of the SCEA who are called as the officers of the society.

On election of the treasurer, he/she is supposed to carry out the following duties:

1. The treasurer is as signed with the responsibility of taking care of the financial transaction, taking custody of the cash, bank transactions and maintaining all the registers, files, bills and vouchers;

2. The treasurer should finalise the accounts of the preceding co-operative year, prepare the receipts and payment's statement, the income and expenditure statement for the said year and the balance sheet for the preceding year;

3. The treasurer should also ensure that he/she prepares a list of active and non active members from the preceding financial year (along with their dues, which might be pending; deposits; schedule of investments; fixtures and any other pending amounts among others).


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