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COVID Proof Real Estate Safest Bet

"Buy Real Estate, They're Not Making It Anymore", said famous American author Mark Twain. He would be proud to see his famous quote coming true literally, during the ongoing Corona crisis.

As if the depressing and ballooning numbers of Corona casualties aren't enough, we are served with minute wise crashing values of our investments in Mutual Funds, Shares, Debentures and even Oil. Some of the blue chip shares have crashed more than 50% and continue the downward march even as I write this blog. Adding to our woes, is the skyrocketing gold price, making it beyond our reach even to fulfill our basic necessities. All these investment instruments have been rendered devalued or of less utility, making them riskiest investment instruments. These instruments cannot be controlled or influenced by common individuals. Most of these instruments are not in physical formats and when their values collapse, the feeling of helplessness is unexplainable, causing severe stress, depression and trauma.

On the other hand, one thing that has stood the test of times, is REAL ESTATE. Neither wars nor pandemics have been able to render Real Estate consisting of our houses and lands, useless or of no utility. American President Franklin D. Roosevelt had this to say: "Real Estate Cannot Be Lost Or Stolen, Nor Can It Be Carried Away. It Is The Safest Investment In The World." The physical nature of Real Estate makes it a tangible asset which we can feel, live in, walk on, work in, feel the ownership and enjoy the returns, either in kind or in cash. There's no single asset that can give us so many benefits, all clubbed into one.


When did we last hear of, any government reducing the Ready Reckoner Rates of Real Estate? When did we last hear prices of Real Estate crashing to less than half? In fact, Real Estate is the only instrument of investment that has given steady and safe returns throughout the history of mankind.

Real Estate is the most reliable investment during the times of crisis or emergency. Besides easily and quickly available loans, the Rates Of Interest are lowest with long duration of repayments. What more, Real Estate is the only asset class you can acquire, through a home loan at lowest rate of interest. Can you acquire shares, debentures or gold by taking a loan?

Last but not the least, the countrywide lockdown has emphasised the importance of Real Estate. 'Stay Safe, Stay Home' messages that we have been getting on a daily basis, say it all.

I too say: "Stay Very Very Safe, Stay In Your Very Own Home".

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