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VTP Earth County Pune NA Plots

VTP Earth County Pune NA Plots


Earth County - A whole new world

RERA No-    P52100022935

Earth County is delighted to present to you an opportunity for you to get away from the madding crowds. And at the same time appreciate your capital.
All while surrendering yourself to some of the finest facilities ever designed on a property.
We are glad to unveil to you a concept called Legit Land.

Legit Land. Several advantages over ordinary land.

Clear title with ownership deeds. No legal worries.
Clearly demarcated plots. Know where exactly the boundaries are. Four predetermined sizes - one for every preference and every budget. Curated facilities and amenities.

Dream plots for a dream home.

Tulip. 1600 Sq. Ft.

In this plot named after a flower known for its beautiful shape, you can build a home that is cosy and snug. The kind of home that you will look forward to every weekend.

Azalea. 2500 Sq. Ft.

This plot is aptly named after ‘the Royalty of the Garden’. You can construct a comfortable home here - with enough space for you and your family and all the books, toys and games that you want to curl up with on weekends and holidays.

Magnolia. 4000 Sq. Ft.

One of the most symbolic flowers ever has been the inspiration for this plot on which you can build a large home. A home that is
symbolic of your large and expansive nature.

Rafflesia 5000 sq ft

The name of the world’s largest flower is apt for a plot of land where you can construct a grand house with room for everyone and their passions. Invite family and friends over, have great gatherings and create cherished memories.

Whew! What a view!

Hill View

It is said that there is no mood in the world that cannot be elevated by the sight of hills. There is something indescribably calming about seeing the hills as you rise in the morning and before you retire to bed every night.

Forest View

No matter how much we have evolved, how far we have travelled as a species, the sight of a forest fills us with wonder and awe. What are the trees saying? What are the leaves whispering?

Garden View

A home overlooking a garden is an irresistible idea. The flowers, the shrubs, the colours form a mosaic of cheerfulness that few other vistas can match. Every morning is a great morning.






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