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Flower power - Revel in the fresh fragrance of flowers

The aroma of fresh flowers can uplift one's mood and create a cheerful ambience. If ever there was a right time to get flowers back into decor, it's now. But did you know that there is a flower for every type of room in your home? Interior decor experts tell you that a flower can either make or mar the look of the room depending on its size and shape. Here's all you need to know.

Red alert

For a wide formal drawing room, it is always advisable to use red flowers such as roses or carnations. "The reds enhance the beauty of the room, making it look spacious and royal at the same time," says Meghna Mirchandani, interior designer. She adds that pairing red flowers with white peonies works wonders for a grand drawing space. As for the arrangement take a pick from a traditional urli or a longish vase. Place the arrangement in the centre for the best look. "Corner decor could get lost in the vastness of the room," she says.

Get the pastels out

If you have a narrow formal drawing space, use pastel coloured flowers such as white lilies or light pink orchids to give a soothing touch to your living space.An assortment of flowers, some floating candles or even unusual foliage in a golden urli, can be used to good effect. "White flowers give a broad look to the room, go for it in the bedroom to make your room appear big yet not garish," says Ashka Navlavala, interior decorator.

Bamboo basics

Bamboo poles are not only used in living rooms and bedrooms, you can also put them in the bathroom to give it some life. In addition to their decorative appeal, bamboo also helps purify the air. Since the plant has the tendency to grow relatively tall, you should find a place for it on the floor itself. There are ways to control the growth of these plants and create all kinds of quirky designs. Make one according to the width of the room.

Lotus arrangement

For a big balcony space or a terrace garden, grow a lotus stem in a concrete urli or a sturdy, waterproof pot in a sunny spot. The arrangement can be placed in the centre or on top of a traditional table.

Why go for fabric flowers?

Silk, satin and tissue flowers are colourful and washable making them a convenient option for your home.

Can be made at home by following a few simple instructions.

Lasts a long time they come in a huge variety.

Arrange with other pot pourri and colourful pebbles.


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