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Bringing in positivity


Energies can be positively adjusted to upgrade peace, prosperity and achievements in a house.

Although modernistic in our views, at the core we are strongly traditional which explains our unshakeable belief in Vaastu Shastra. 

And pray what harm is there in incorporating minor changes to ensure that our dream house is in sync with the age old Vaastu precepts? 

Here's sharing a few Vaastu tips with regards to interior decoration.


* Position sofas/chairs in the south and west areas of the drawing room Place the study table, the wardrobe and the bed in the south-west part of the room Site the dining table in the north-west of the kitchen. 

* Opt for painting your walls with white, light blue and dark green colours Choose tasteful lights, chandeliers, book shelves, vases, etc.

* Opt for paintings showcasing natural landscape, temples, etc. 

* Decorate the entrance with sentinels, shankanidhi and padmanidhi emanating coins; kuladevtaashtamangala, Goddess Lakshmi, cow with her calf, swastika, om, rangoli, shubh labhet al, to ward off negative influences.

* Mount clocks on the eastern, western or northern wall. Position the pujaroom in the north east corner of the house.


* Avoid installing mirrors in study rooms and opposite beds. Refrain from placing plants like cactus and bonsai inside the house.

* Avoid keeping fountains and aquariums in the bedroom and study room.

* Stuffed animals, and picture frames and figurines with scary marks, war scenes, weeping images, conflicting colours etc., are a strict no.

* Avoid placing shoes in the bedroom. Their best place is in the verandah.

* Abstain from painting your walls red, grey and black. Refrain from placing pictures, paintings or images of pigs, eagles, pigeons, crows, owls, vultures, etc.

* At the end of the day the thumb rule to be followed here is what is placed should be pleasing to the eye and create an aura of positivism and cheer for the beholder.


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