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Give your home a winter makeover


Welcome the winter with cosy home decor that will make you feel warm and cheer up your moods.

You can impart cheer to spaces with warm colours and soft, fluffy fabrics. While in summer, a cool, airy look is appealing and the decor is all about rooms being bright, spacious, and cheerful, the theme for winter is slightly different. 

Here are some simple ideas to transform the look of your home this season.

Organise Your Accessories

The design concept for winter is about creating an environment that reflects the beauty and intensity of this season, while leaving the cold outside. The idea is to create a warm, comfortable, and appealing environment to counter the gloomy weather outside. The dull, grey tones outside can be quite dampening on the mood and spirits, a good way to counter this is through the inclusion of warm colours, rich textures, and winter-themed accessories.

Organising storage for your linens according to the season will help you easily find slipcovers, pillows, and linens for quick changes. Once you develop your seasonal style, keep looking for the accessories to add to your rooms. Seashells, boating pictures, or anything nautical is a treat for a summer room. Winter additions can be cashmere throws, pine branches in vases, blankets, and books displayed nearby for winter reading. Sometimes, minimal window treatments can be great to let in the winter light.

Colours for the season

Colour palette plays an important role in setting the theme for your winter look. Warm tones are best for winter, so try accenting your decor with deep red, oranges, gold, and browns.


Deep and dark colours tend to make a room feel warmer. So, replace your summer lampshades with ones that are mulberry or copper-coloured, and bring down the sheer curtains to put up deeper, richer versions of the same colours. The decor for winter should warm up your rooms. Soft lighting and rich colours will make the room warm and cozy. Decorative light strands, used moderately, can help add drama and accent light to your interiors. You can drape them along doorways, window sills, or cabinets to add a warm glow to your home.


Carpet and rugs bring warmth and colour to a room. If your carpet is not the right colour, bring out rugs in deep winter colours such as pine green. Regardless of their size, these add a sense of warmth to a room with light-coloured carpets, bare wood, or cold tile.


Candles are some of the best home accessories for winter interior decorating. Their intense glow makes a room look warm, cosy, and comfortable. Group them in collections of varying heights and thickness.


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