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Summer decor


Summers are here and it is time to revamp homes to deal with the heat. With extremely busy lifestyles of today, homes are gradually becoming biggest retreats. Therefore, creating soothing sanctuary right in the confines of home is a requirement that most of us realise and work towards. Interior trends that are going to rule this season revolve around ease, comfort and functionality.

An amalgamation of indoor and outdoor spaces will be the key summer décor trend. "With city life becoming extremely concrete and populated, people now crave for natural, soothing material when in comes to home interiors. Wood, stone, brick are great ways to bring natural elements indoors. Another important summer element is white; it provides a perfect backdrop, and shows the artwork, doors, windows and architectural details better than any other colour. White is also the best compliment to bright and bold graphics, patterns and rugged textures."

"Every season when the new comes in, the old goes out, but this time, the old is the new 'in' thing. Back to nature, back to the basics, is the trend that will rule this summer. The distinctive character of inspiring changes happening this year makes it definitely a landmark in the designing era. From the interiors that were artificially seasoned and decorated, to the interiors which have a deeper meaning and stand the timeless quality- the change is worth the investment.


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