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Ice cream hue inspired homes


Consider shades of bubblegum pink, peach, lilac, and mint green and give your home an ice cream-inspired-décor update.

The world of ice cream has taken the gamut of interior space by storm! Wondering how? The interior experts are taking inspirations from these frozen desserts to spruce up the places. It won't be wrong to say that sometimes design ideas come from the most unexpected sources. Many of us must have faced the confusing situation when we are baffled to choose a flavour from the mind boggling and tempting ice cream options at the display. So if you wish to turn your living space as irresistible like the ice creams, take cues from the most inspiring ice cream palettes. It will be a refreshing makeover especially if your home has been decked up in intense and saturated hues for years.

Rainbow sherbet

Rainbow sherbet got its major popularity around a couple of years back and it had kind of become the flavour of the summer of 2015. Those who relish the flavour, for them the rainbow combination is an amazing way to infuse the happiness quotient to their home décor. For an ideal look, start with a base of soft sherbet pinks and greens and then keep adding the more intense colours. If you are wondering the best places to try it, look no beyond the children's bedroom, bathroom or playroom.


If rainbow is too bold for you then try Neapolitan. It's full of three equal stripes of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate and many of you must have relished it while on the frozen treat date. Now go for this inspiration for your home and the foyer can be the best bet to flaunt it. Each hue equal billing with bold stripes on a curved wall looks gorgeous. Make it a point that each stripe lines up with the corresponding stair riser.

Maple walnut

With the main ingredients of this exotic ice cream derived from products that are sourced from trees, such as syrup from maple trees and nuts from walnut trees, you can take cues form it to try on your home decor. For the maple hues invest on a shag area rug and it will add to the comfort too. Get the nutty crunchy charm through walnut wood on the stair treads and cabinetry.

Cream and cookies

Are you one of those diehard fans of frozen creations made lavishly with ice cream and Oreos, then wouldn't you love to bring the creamy indulgence to your home interiors? Make your bedroom a dreamy space with creamy walls and let the soft tans and dark accents take the popular cookie palette to a classy level.

Mint chocolate chip

Remember the hot summer days, when the cool mint chocolate chip gave you refreshing renewal of energy? But do you know that mint can be equally refreshing for your home décor too. Take inspiration from it and go for mint green colour tone for your interiors. It gives an instant vintage look upgrade, especially when tried in the bathrooms. However, that doesn't mean that you need to restrict it only to the washrooms. It is so versatile that it can be used in all the rooms. Now for adding that delicious chocolate chips akin to the ice cream, accentuate the décor with black or dark chocolate brown.


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