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Real Estate to Boom After Covid19 Mayhem

Real Estate study :- 

*Real Estate to BOOM after Covid-19 mayhem....*
It is quite evident that the global economy has already entered into a great recession. Super power like Italy, America will be worst affected. Almost all the industries-Travel and Tourism, Automobile, White Goods, IT, Retail etc are suffering huge losses and there is no ray of hope soon. 

Amid all these heart wrenching news, there is a brighter side of it for India, specially *Indian Real Estate* market.
As the whole world seems to have lost control, India is doing far better and has managed to contain the pandemic so far.

_*Why will Indian Real Estate grow?*_
1.    The whole world has lost its faith and trust in China.
2.    Americans/Australians have started hating Chinese people and soon it will stop using any product / service connected to China. There will be a complete boycott.
3.    The only option left for the whole world would be India, which provides most skilled manpower at the lowest cost.
4.    Stock Exchanges / Gold are no more a Safe option for Investment.
5.    Indian Government and Banks to Infuse large amount of Money for economic revival.
6.    India will overcome this crisis much earlier than most of the countries.
7.    India Inc is all set to grab this opportunity. Make in India, Startup India etc will give an extra push.
8.    Commercial Spaces (Offices/Retail) will eventually see a spike in demand.
9.    As the reverse Migration from America and other countries will soon start happening, it will lead to a great demand in Premium Residential Apartments.
10.    Northern India has a Majority Share in NRI population.
11.    Lockdown will leave everyone with a desire to have bigger living space, therefore, most of the Occupants would look for better residential space. (1 bhk to 2/3 bhk, Flats to Villas, Villas to Farmhouses)
12.    This un-paralleled demand in Real Estate is foreseen by many experts and it obviously makes it a lucrative deal for Investors as well as end user. 
13.    Expected ROI could be seen at appx. *1.7 X (almost 2 times) for residential and 1.5X for commercial* within _*3-5 yrs*_ time. However, Rentals will see a temporary corrections in the Metro / Urban Cities.
14.    India will become the Manufacturing and Export hub (Like China) in next 5 yrs. Which would create a huge Jobs.


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