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Style guide

From jewel-toned furniture to upholstered headboards, here are a few decor ideas that is in vogue.

If you are looking to giving your home a makeover, then these ideas from the industry experts will help you to furnish your home with the right décor items, ensuring that you stay on-trend.

Living the dream

When it comes to your home, it is important to decorate the living area carefully. Since it is the focal point of dining and entertainment, you must ensure that you give it a quick update to create a space that's both, stylish and inviting. Take your cue from Pantone's refreshing colour of the year-Greenery-to energise your space with one-of-a-kind accents. For a bolder look, explore jewel-toned furniture, another popular trend that's set to flourish this year.

“While pastel shades are having their moment in the spotlight, they will soon be overshadowed by jewel-toned furniture inspired by precious stones, metals, the night sky and outer space. With green tones and environmental sustainability making their way into décor trends in a big way, it only makes sense to apply colours such as emerald green, sapphire blue, and amethyst purple to reflect this nature-inspired theme,”

“Incorporate darker shades like navy blue and military green and balance them out with lighter coloured cushions to deliver a modern-chic touch,”

Go to bed

Most home-dwellers are keen to create a bedroom that are equal parts soothing and luxurious. As such, upholstered headboards that introduce a feeling of extravagance will be a noteworthy trend to look out for. “Whether you opt for a classic chesterfield style with buttons in a muted tone or a plush velvet one in a bold hue, these headboards come in a variety of styles and instantly add richness and grandeur to a space,”

“Magnificent beds can elevate a room while linen and soft textured cotton blankets add a sense of much needed indulgence,”

“Bedrooms will have one or more focal points, ranging from ceiling lights to bedside lamps that suit every mood. Contrast the lights against a neutral palette with barely a hint of colour by way of furnishings.”

The bathroom guide

Evolving from a mere function-oriented space into a larger, luxurious one, bathrooms today have become the space where you can infuse your individualistic style. “Bathrooms are becoming a central point with a focus on high quality and functional amenities that are visually striking, easy to maintain, hygienic, and demonstrative of individual design preferences,”

Kitchen capers

While a kitchen traditionally offers the least scope for experimentation in terms of design, modern kitchens have steadily evolved into spaces that are equipped to service fast-paced lives. “Stainless steel countertops, surfaces and appliances offset by warm wood finished cabinets and tiled backsplashes will find room in kitchens, this year,”

Modular and open kitchens will continue to be popular, as will be the focus on storage and maximising of space. “Statement floors offer a more dramatic solution than a bold eye-level backsplash. You can choose from a blend of patterns that come in both, bright and neutral colour palettes,”



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