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Baby proofing your home?


While it is an obvious rule to not leave your baby alone, parents are often paranoid about their child's safety, even at home. Here is a lowdown on what you must keep in mind while baby-proofing your house.

Electricity alert:

While designing our houses, we always choose to install electrical sockets at points that we reach comfortably - bedside table, computer desk, and even near the living room couch. However, with toddlers in the house, having open plug points can prove to be dangerous for the child. "Though some couples prefer changing the entire electrical line, it’s not always feasible to do so. Hence, I advise my clients to use outlet plug covers to secure their electrical points. Alternately, covering these points with furniture or wall decorative solves the purpose," .

Toxin proof: 

Keep toiletries out of your baby's reach. Most of our soaps, shampoos, house cleaning agents and perfumes are made using materials that when consumed, can cause toxic side-effects among children and adults. "Consuming chemicals could harm children in multiple ways. Hence, when we were expecting our first child, we created a small storage cupboard at a height in our bathroom. This way, it was handy when needed and was out of the reach of our child,".

Furnish smart:

Furniture installments come in all sizes, shapes and colours. While it is essential to decorate your house well, it is also important to ensure that the furniture is not harmful when a baby is around. It’s also important to secure tall, unstable decor items like vases and floor lights behind the furniture. "The first thing to do is to avoid furniture with sharp edges. In case you cannot replace the already existing furniture with sharp edges, you could create round-edged caps and attach those to your furniture. Chairs with wheels should be kept away from children as they may hurt themselves while trying to explore moving objects. Avoid installing cabinets, bed trolleys or wardrobes with locks in a kid's room. They may accidentally lock themselves or their siblings during play. Lastly, furniture with light points or light fixtures must be kept covered," .

Watch the window: 

Though French windows make for popular home interiors, they are an absolute no-no for homes with children. Big, open windows with little protection walls are a risky affair since a child may lean over without understanding the repercussions. "For homes that already have French or bigger windows, installing a grill around the window is vital. Also, the paint used on grill should be chemical-free, rust-proof and safe for kids. Those with balconies less than four feet from the floor must make sure they close the same with either glass panels or grills,". Lastly, while baby-proofing your home, avoid placing chairs and stools in the balcony. This could encourage toddlers to try and climb them.

Safe decor: 
Plants make for excellent home décor, both internally and externally. While it helps make the overall feel of the house positive; be sure to choose non-toxic plants, especially with children around. "Children are curious, and will often pluck leaves off home plants and nibble on them. Hence, it is best to keep plants that are non-toxic at a height,".
Watch out for:

* Sharp furniture edges;

* Heavy décor like statues and bigger sized pots;

* Open electrical switches;

* Fast closing hinges on the door;

* Glass/ ceramic decor;

* Knives, cutters, grinders;

* Garbage and trash cans.


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