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Sample Flat V/S Actual Flat


Sample flats (or popularly referred to as 'show flats') give one the much-needed clarity, thus facilitating the home-buying process. However, should you believe everything you see? Our experts address your dilemma.

Picture this: You have stepped out for shopping and you come across a store, which has a stunning dress as their window display. You instantly step in and try the outfit. However, it turns out to be a case of the dress looking great on the mannequin but not so much on you. Mannequins are typically the best choice for window displays, thus appealing to your senses.

However, the mannequin may not necessarily represent your body type or skin tone. Similarly, show or 'sample flats' basically serve the purpose of giving the purchaser a sense of space and dimension. These flats are showcases, meant to incite interest and indicate the 'lifestyle potential' of the unit. In such a scenario, should buyers trust 'what they see'? Ofcourse, you can - only with a little caution.

"The prevalent culture of the Indian real estate sector is extremely consumer-centric. Hence, developers too are going the extra mile and coming up with innovative strategies to approach the customers. And a sample flat today remains a popular approach utilised by developers, as it offers their prospective investors a sense of realism, thus enhancing their pre-buying experience."

"Sample flats are effective marketing tools and should be viewed as just that. The fact that they are furnished allows for an understanding of how the available space could be optimally utilised. However, one should refrain from getting lured by the appearance of a sample flat."

"For a buyer purchasing a flat in an under-construction property, a visit to a show flat is a must. For an advanced buyer, it will help him/her evaluate the specification and seek alternative options like size of tiles, choice of colour, make of fixtures and changes in non-structural part of interiors to name a few. On the other hand, an early-stage buyer could get a real-time look and experience of how the flat would eventually look upon completion."

"Sample flats are an effective tool for the promoters (to woo their customers); however, buyers should not base their decision purely on them. A buyer should identify the needs and requirements of their house and then, take a call on whether the value attached to the property is worth it (or not)."

"How could the layout of the flat be best capitalised? Would the carpet area suffice my family’s space requirements? Sample flats help you seek answers to the above questions."

Sample Flat V/S Actual Flat

Sample flats are aesthetically designed to give the potential buyers a premium feel of the apartment. However, the actual flat may/may not have the decor you see in the sample flat; It is generally noticed that sample flats do not have doors and windows. There are glass partitions and the walls are generally made of gypsum board instead of real cement. These are adopted to give an illusion of a spacious house; Many a times, the height of the ceiling too is higher than the actual flat’s to give the illusion of less loading and expansiveness.

Home-Buyers Speak:

"Today, a few leading developers are partnering with renowned interior designers and reputed brands who come on board and design their apartments to heighten the appeal of the project. Hence, it is important that we take sample flats only as a reference point for designing the bare flat that would be delivered to us."

"Buyers should bear in mind that a show flat is given a far superior finish in order to attach an aspirational value to the house. Hence, buyers should see the architectural drawing of the apartment and the layout map of the project as it gives a clearer picture w.r.t the area available in the bare flat."


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