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Trend alerts for interior


Current interior design trends 2018 speak of choices which are people, pocket, mood and environment-friendly.

With the arrival of the new year, the time is in to discard the old and welcome the new. 

This rule applies to your home's interior design as well. So gear up to update yourself on what’s hot and trendy for 2018. 

Here are 10 things you should look forward to.

Wood order

Wood would remain to be the key material for furniture, especially for the domestic use. Raw wood which has been popular, will retain its dominance. So pretty natural woods quite proudly displaying their imperfections without any camouflage are in. The ones with streaks marked, cracked and giving the little treated look blended with metal with an industrial touch.

Rule of terracotta

This hue hailing from the bronze family, with a touch of orange and a hint of red, will be the colour of 2018, feel many interior experts. This rich earthy shade would be lavishly used on textiles as bed linens and curtains, or even on ceramics and tiles.

Extravagant interiors

2018 is the year to go bold with the extravagant interiors which is done with contrasting prints and patterns. The Scandinavian inspired minimalism, which was the mantra till last year will be replaced by maximalism. This would liberate those who wish to express themselves with designs. Maximalism will give wings to their creativity.


While the bold would go for maximalist interiors, there would be enough to appease the other school of thought, the lover of minimalism. The year would also make room for calming tonal interiors that layer tones of the same hue. This tone-on-tone would assure that sophisticated and elegant looks reflect the discipline and order.

Oversize paper lanterns

This popular lighting fixture in the Asian countries would invade the world of lights for the interiors in 2018. Opt for a huge paper lantern over a conventional lighting fixture for your dining room, and enjoy a grand meal under it. The charm won’t be any less than the candlelight dinner.

Black & white pillows

It is the year to let the simplicity do its magic, cutting all the complication of home décor. Achieve it by adding pillows with black and white stripes. Let these pieces create a relaxing feel for your bedroom and living room, as you place them in everywhere. However, remember that you strike a balance with rest of the interior elements of the home.

Sleek shelves

Shelves with a minimalist design would be the popular choice for this year. So, the options would be for the ones in geometrical shape barring any curves in them. Invest in a few of them and arrange the artefacts in an aesthetic way.

Aura of organics

In 2018, the interiors will swear by their love for organics which would include plants and flowers. The idea is to give the indoors an outdoor feel. They strike a chord with nature without overpowering the sanctity of your house. However, don’t forget to take care of them.

Wallpapers wows

Walls have also shifted their focus from murals for decorating them. 2018 is for wallpapers which are going to be the hottest thing, once again. They would the aesthetic lovers’ favourite choice to infuse flair and style to their nest.

Leather and natural stone

This year is also for leather furniture and many small little elements of home accents, such as handmade leather flowers, shelf holders and wall artworks with a touch of leather. Meanwhile, among the stones, the preference would be for marble, granite, and pebbles for interior design. Geometric prints and carved designs will be the pick to attain the chic look with natural stones.


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