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Muskurayega india

Even though the current economic downturn has implications for a multiplicity of elements in terms of employees' motivation, related to job insecurity, promotions and demotions, stagnated careers or thwarted expectations, the impact of the recession on people is mainly measured in terms of unemployment. Expectancy Theory, by its rational cognitive nature, whilst including individual subjective elements and addressing both intrinsic and extrinsic views, could be a good way to look at the influence of the recession on employees' motivation. However, Expectancy Theory also has limitations, especially in terms of unaddressed crucial issues such as unconscious mechanisms, problems with multiplicity of the three different categories within the theory, lack of accounting for behaviour over time and perhaps an over-rationality of the theory resulting in an over-simplification of motivation in a complex climate.

Absolutely Inspirational 

Experts are predicting huge down fall of Economy due to the Corona .
I do not know much about these experts.
But I know for sure that they do not know anything about the value of human motivation and determined efforts.

If experts were to be believed, after the total destruction in 2nd World War Japan had NO future. BUT  the same Japan in just 3 decades or so, made US cry at the market place.

If the experts were to be believed, Israel should have been wiped out from the world map by the Arabs, but the fact is different.

As per the rules of Aerodynamics, the Bumble Bee can NOT fly. But it flies, because it does not know the rules of Aerodynamics.

If the experts were to be believed, we should have been no where in 83 Cricket World Cup.

If the experts were to be believed Wilma Rudolf, the first American lady to win 4 Olympic Gold in Athletics ,  should not have been in a position to walk without braces, no question of running.

If the experts were to be believed Arunima Sinha can hardly lead a normal life. But she climbed the Mount Everest.

"The corona crisis is no different. I do not have any doubt that,  We will defeat the Corona hands down  and The Indian Economy will bounce back in a great manner." 

Let’s read positive 
Let’s Think positive ...
And we a will attract positive ...
That’s all ...
Leave the facts aside ...

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