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Cosy spaces - Choosing luxury dream home


An ultra-luxury home should offer residents a high standard of living and unparalleled convenience.

Buyers looking for property in the ultra-luxury space are often people who are well travelled and well-heeled; exposed to the highest standards in luxury living across the globe. Obviously, they would be more discerning.

When it comes to luxury living, the most important factor, probably, would be location. Quiet and peaceful areas with excellent connectivity to both the central business district (CBD) and social infrastructure are vital to position a project as ultra luxury.

What makes the property worth its cost? This is the question one must ask before going for a deal. According to Anil Pharande, chairman, Pharande Spaces, "In India, the concept of luxury housing has undergone several changes over the years. However, one aspect has remained a constant space or spaciousness. As property prices are largely determined by size, larger homes are still considered luxurious but only if the location, amenities and surrounding infrastructure are conducive to comfortable living."

Scenic location

The location of the property plays an important role in the articulation of luxury and exclusivity. Apartments facing vast green spaces; facing a golf course or a mountain or located in silent spaces away from the city enjoy a great degree of desirability. Sushil Raheja, CEO, Raheja Homes Builders and Developers, says, “Owning an ultra-luxury home comes with certain responsibilities. Since it's a huge investment, it is only reasonable that one does a thorough research on the property first before taking the plunge. The idea of owning a luxury home has a lot to do with privacy and a quiet locality. There is no point in investing in a huge pent house in a locality that is congested, noisy and with lot of traffic. Only a well connected yet peaceful location with all basic infrastructures available is worth the deal.” Also it really matters whether or not you share the neighbourhood with the tycoons, celebrities and prominent CEOs of the city, as this makes a definite status statement and is also good for business.

Check out for the amenities

A smart and scientific design, modern-day technology, world-class amenities are some of the factors to look into. In such projects amenities such as a swimming pool, covered parking, good facilities, which complement their lifestyle and routine.

Tushad Dubash, director, Duville Estates, says, “Therefore, amenities such as a tennis court, meeting rooms, squash court et al fit into this segment very well. Further, you need to push the boundaries with aesthetics and de sign. The buildings need to look impressive, both externally and internally. The design needs to be unique so as to stand out from the rest and be aesthetically pleasing.“

The quality of construction, fixtures and fittings play a key important role.

Other factor to be taken into account is the aesthetics and design. Aparna Jain, interior designer says, “Space, layout of the apartment, privacy, separate room for domestic helps, private lifts, high degree of home automation, and vaastu-compliance are aspects that find favour with discerning buyers. The building's façade and exterior design, and landscaping, including easy and safe access and movement for the disabled and children, adequate parking facility for own vehicles and those of guests are important aspects for consideration. Further, features such as sky decks, infinity pools, rooftop or sky gardens and private decks enhance desirability.“

Amenities must be such that should fulfil the health, wellness and lifestyle needs of the residents. One should also look for top-of-the-line amenities as well as high-tech security both within the unit and at a project level. Also to meet the daily convenience of the resident, professional facility managers should be there to ensure that the buildings and amenities are kept in top shape at all times, and security services of proven repute.

Reputed developer

Lastly the developer must be of a good repute and should be experienced in designing luxury houses so he exactly knows what you might want. Kishor Pate, CMD Amit Enterprises Housing Ltd, says “The classic Indian concept of a luxury home involves generous size, but also developer brand. In other words, an ultra-luxury project can only be considered desirable if it has been built by a developer who has specific expertise in this genre. "


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