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Pune's making it


Poised for further progress, Pune holds high growth potential with its competent talent pool and favorable business-environment.

This city has everything that a thriving industry demands. Poised for further progress, Pune holds growth potential with its vast talent pool and conducive business environment. Thanks to a supportive ecosystem, there is every reason to make in Pune. Reckoned as an innovation hub, Pune ranks high on human resources and quality of life. With attractive FDI, there is every reason to make it here. Possessing a potential talent pool, job opportunities, specially earmarked economic and industrial zones and high livability index, Pune boasts every reason to make it happen here. With good education institutes, knowledge and human resources, Pune is said to be the country's one of the key innovation hubs of the country. It is one such business hub that rarely disappoints anyone.

Moving beyond its comfort zone is one of the wisest things Pune has done, opine industry professionals. Education, automobile, manufacturing and of late, IT have been Pune's major growth drivers. Today, the city is expanding its base to new age careers like retail, ecommerce, hospitality, healthcare and even FMCG. Pune is also known to have a high number of startups. Many campus based incubators are coming up with startups in new-age fields like energy, biotechnology, sanitation, water conservation, water purification, healthcare, healthcare technology, rural technology, pharmacology, agriculture, ecommerce, retail, health and hygiene, food processing and even sports.

The city has a remarkable track record across various key parameters including availability of human capital, power, water, safety, hygiene, education systems, climate, office space availability, local policies, city culture and getaways. Business in this small but vibrant city was traditionally known to be mainly manufacturing, automotive and components. This 'Oxford of the East' also has several universities including the University of Pune, one of the oldest in Maharashtra. These institutes attract students not only from India but also from South East Asia, Middle East and African countries.

Inclusion in Smart City project is expected to expedite Pune's progress. The city has also expanded its boundaries and realty growth is getting extended to its outskirts as they are emerging investment hotspots. Specially earmarked industrial and IT zones will also lead to IT and manufacturing progress. Announcement of new airport will facilitate further growth.


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