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The green trend

Green homes ensure that you have access to a sound and healthy living environment.

Most buyers shy away from building a green home as the construction cost goes up by 5-8 per cent when compared to a regular home. However, once the house becomes functional, a green home can cut expenses incurred on water and energy by 50 and 30 percent, respectively. The high investment made by you will get recovered hrough energy saving within a five-year time frame.

Cost factor: A green home costs about 150-200 per sq ft more than a regular apartment. "However, people who understand the concept are more than keen to buy a house in such eco-friendly residential projects all over the country," 

In the long run, the resale value and price appreciation of a green house is high because of low maintenance cost. “These houses are easy to maintain because the materials used for such houses are of superior quality which lasts longer than the normal materials," 

"In general, the age of a normal house or apartment building is 50-60 years while that of a green home is close to 100 years", 

Qualitative living factor: Green homes ensure that you have access to enhanced air quality, excellent day light and conservation of scarce global resources. These are some intangible gains you can boast as per the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). Green homes use interior products which are eco-friendly, have low emission co-efficient and volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Marketability factor: A large number of developers have now recognised the importance of building green. It improves the lease probability in a market that is currently witnessing parity between supply and demand. Few state governments and development authorities have also started offering tax rebates in order to promote such green homes.

Satisfaction factor: The fact that you have been able to contribute to sustainability is a great feeling. The trend is increasingly expanding with many integrated townships and builders constructing such green homes.


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