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Give a new look to your walls with trendy wallpapers

Often, we see the walls of our homes get wet due to the seepage of water, which in turn, leads to dampness and spoils the overall look of the room. To avoid the above from ruining your walls, wallpapers can be a good alternative. "There are many vinyl based wallpapers available in the market that are very easy to maintain in the monsoons because they are wipe able with a wet cloth and are less prone to fungal growth."

Wallpapers prove to be beneficial, as they require very little maintenance. Once they are pasted on the wall, just wipe them with a wet cloth on a regular basis and they will look as good as new. However, one thing must be kept in mind,  "If there is leakage or seepage in the wall from the inside, then the wallpaper would get affected and would spoil the look of the room as well."

Apart from being easy to maintain, wallpapers are also economical, have a long life, are washable, are available in eco-friendly material and are hygienic compared to other wall paints that contain VOC.

Today, wallpapers are available in a host of colours, patterns and textures. Jyotika Khandelwal, another interior designer, points out few new trends, colours and patterns in wallpapers, this monsoon. "This season, a lot of textures are being used for smaller walls. Especially metallic colours make a good statement. In motifs -ethnic motifs like ikat and tribal motifs have made a huge comeback; these make a very impressionable look,"  "Colours such as green, yellow and earthen shades would look ideal during the downpour, as they also provide a warm and cosy feeling when it rains outside the house," 

While the pattern and choice of wallpapers is a matter of personal choice, you must also ensure that the selected pattern blends well with the décor and the size of the room.

Following are some tips on choosing the right wallpaper for your room

* Vertical stripes or patterns make the ceiling appear higher

* Horizontal stripes or patterns give a wide look to the room and bring the ceilings down

* Large patterns should be avoided if the room is small, as they tend to make the room look closed

* Opt for small patterns that make the room look bigger

* Always opt for pastel earthy shades and avoid dark colours, as they make the room look smaller

* Wallpaper with a light background makes a room look larger


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