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Happy New Year - Last minute guide to hosting a New Year party

Here’s a last minute guide to hosting a New Year party at your house and getting the decor and vibe right. Read on...

The New Year party is the best way to be surrounded by your closest people while you bid adieu to the current year and welcome the New Year. And for those busy souls who work till the very last day of the year, the following tips and hacks could help you throw a New Year party at your abode in record time.

Create space

Since you are going to have people at your place, it is essential to create enough space for them to move around and mingle. You can make space in the living room by moving the heavy furniture such as sofa, table, dining chairs, etc into the bedroom. Spread out carpets, mats and sitting cushions to create a seating area; do not forget to incorporate cushions.

Light it up!

It’s a party; so indeed, you are going to click several pictures. Make sure to have the right lighting - use lamps to get that flattering warm light that make pictures look good. Use fairy lights as a part of your décor, especially if you have a balcony or an outdoor space. Fairy lights have a welcoming appeal and are perfect for both, indoor and outdoor setups.

Rainbow flower vases

Including flowers in the décor is always a good idea. Anuja Joshi, marketing director, Interflora India says, "Take all the colourless transparent glass bottles you have and fill them with coloured water. Use different colours for different bottles. Stud these bottles with aromatic flowers like hydrangeas, white carnations, and gerberas and choose the colours that go well with the colour of water in each bottle. Place these handmade flower vases across your party area."

Be ready with speakers and a playlist

A party is incomplete without music; ensure your sound system is strategically placed and settings are perfectly tuned. Don’t forget to create a playlist that would last a minimum of two-three hours.

Also, it helps when inviting friends and family you ask them which genre of music are they more inclined to and perhaps incorporate those numbers too. Not only would your playlist have a more universal appeal, but also would allow your guests to be subjected to variety.

Picture perfect

If you have a Polaroid camera, take pictures of your guests and ask them to write a message for you. You can then display the pictures on the wall or just keep it with you. In case you do not have a polaroid camera, printing the picture will also work fine.

Archana Gupta, a Mumbai resident says, "We took pictures of our friends at the party last year and asked them to write messages for my husband and I on them. This way we have a keepsake of the event; we even gave one copy of the picture to them. It was fun to read what our friends had written for us the next morning."

Be a good neighbour

Although it is a party, be sensitive to people around you. Avoid being an inconvenience to the neighbours. The host should ideally inform the secretary and the watchman about the party and that you would be expecting guests.


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