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Freshen up your interior


The New Year is the perfect time for new beginnings. Want a brand new look for your home in 2018? Get going with these decor tips…

A brand New Year is here, and although, it falls in between the dark, gloomy winter days, but that should not stop you from making a fresh statement. A tastefully done up decor, with the right furniture and accessories, can act effectively turn up as the space where you can relax and de-stress for new beginnings. With these simple ideas, turn your abode into a stylish and cheerful space to welcome New Year.

Keep your house clean and fresh

Place two or three aroma candles in tall candlesticks to add some pleasing fragrances and uplift that pall of gloom. Organic stuff like soya wax candles work wonder in cleaning indoor air quality and actually add beneficial elements to the air we breathe. It can also come handy for days when the electricity may go off, which occurs often during the winter season. To combat the musty odour, use a diffuser with essential oils like geranium and lemongrass to keep your house smelling fresh all day.

Play it up with colours

The lack of sunlight may make the house seem dark and gloomy, but that can be changed by adding yellow lighting via table and floor lamps. You may also double the light with mirrors, which also make a room seem more spacious. A big, ornate mirror can maximise the sunlight on a bleak and dull day. Bright interior accents contrasted against a backdrop of ominous grey have the effect of uplifting the mood, and amplifying a sense of refuge inside homes. Use vibrant colours to perk up your home. Colours like deep red and vibrant yellow, purple, green and blue can brighten up your mood.

Paint it green

Bring the great outdoors inside! Plants on balconies often take a beating during the winters, so this is a good time to cluster them indoors around windows that get the maximum sunlight. This will cheer up your living space too. Even if you're not too fond of flowers, a vibrant vase will instantly add a zing to the room's décor. For occasions that call for floral arrangements, go for the minimalist look with fresh flowers taking center stage. Use colourful flowers that add liveliness while balancing them with ferns. Fresh flowers help to infuse a natural, fresh fragrance. Bringing nature indoors by way of potted plants, not only gives your home interior a more natural and vibrant feel, it also improves the indoor air quality. Some of the plants cited as most effective in removing toxic formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide from the air are: Bamboo Palm, Chinese Evergreen, English Ivy, Gerbera Daisy, Chrysanthemum, Peace lily, Spider plant and Devil's Ivy.

Cozy moments

We like to sleep for long hours during winter days. Make your bedtime even more perfect for those cozy moments by replacing those heavy, summery curtains with lace or sheer curtains to allow the little light there is during the winters to enter the house. Nothing spells comfort more than soft, luxurious bed sheets. Soft, pure cotton fabrics are ideal for long, lazy afternoons. Try and avoid using silk or woolen bed covers and carpets as they tend to attract moisture. An organic mattress is a must-have considering we spend three-fourths of our lives in bed. Natural latex is a great non-toxic material to use in a mattress, it is comfortable, resilient, extremely durable, and can be made in a wide variety of firmness. Organic cotton is another wonderful option. Bypass formaldehyde coated cotton/polyester sheets, no-iron cotton sheets and choose cozy organic and untreated bleach-free and herbal dyed organic cotton sheets.

And finally, enjoy the weather

Better still, you can convert your balcony, patio or garden into a stylish outdoor retreat for family members and friends by including simple, cost-effective décor that reflects your personal taste. Attach some wind chimes at the entrance of the balcony to let positive energy enter your home.

Liven up your patio by setting up a fascinating dining table with charming chairs. You don't have to go for chairs that are identical to each other. Assorted chairs with different furnishings and patterns but in a similar style can really add that quirky element to your outdoor space. But remember to have a large-sized umbrella or a canopy covering your regal furniture and do pull it all back in or the rain will ruin it.

While you select the outdoor furniture, make sure it fits with the overall look and feel of your home. Your choice would depend on whether it is to be used on grass, marble flooring or wood. With these factors, the choice of furniture also varies. From aluminium to stainless steel to teak and wicker, you can choose outdoor furniture of your choice which is durable, comfortable and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Teak has the capacity to retain its good looks over a period of time. Also, it is resistant to weathering, rot and insects and requires very little maintenance. Likewise, many of the trendy hanging chairs are made using wicker, as it is weather resilient and pliable at the same time.


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