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Bring the best to study


The ultra-luxury home owners, today, prefer to have a study room, where they can unwind, read or just ponder over innovative ideas.

With ample space available to experiment, the possibilities to make a luxury home distinguishable and truly world-class are immense. While it is a taken that a home should provide optimum comfort and function, a luxury home is expected to surpass these basic purposes and provide much more flair to its residents. And when it comes to Gurugram, one can surely vouch that the residents of the luxury properties in the city will not leave any stone unturned to make their homes magnificent and exclusive.

The owners of luxury homes in the city ensure that they have each and every amenity available to them under one roof. Like most other functional areas, occupants of the luxury properties in the city ensure that they also have an exclusive, functional yet chic study area at home, where they complete their office work, or indulge in some soulful reading. A study room is fast gaining importance in the lives of people and they are taking steps to design their home in the most modern and creative way.

While speaking about the general preferences of the homeowners for creating a near perfect study "There are some basic rules that can create a good study room. For example, rather than giving an ethnic touch to this space, people should focus on making them modern and creative. The furniture used should be very modern in design and high in quality. Geometric patterns on the walls, square, circle, diamond or hexagon shaped shelves are in vogue this season."

When it comes to interiors and décor of a study in a luxe or an ultra-luxe home, a lot of efforts are made to create an exquisite and magnificent space which is at par with the other important areas like the living room or the bedrooms. sheds light on some of the new elements are being brought to the study rooms. "Nowadays, new elements are being added to conventional study rooms to make them look well-decorated in a way that allows the user to feel comfortable and productive. A specific set of accessories, ranging from exquisite works of art to the most eccentric paraphernalia like trophies, antiques, earth globes or even therapeutic plants like aloe vera can be good choices,"

As it is an important place of the house, it is imperative to pay utmost attention to the planning and execution of this space. "It is important to ensure that this space does not turn out as an office space. Gone are the days when a study room was only about a study table, a book shelf and a comfortable seating. Therefore, bring in exclusivity and keep the interiors as rich and opulent as you can," 

Geometric décor is a huge trend today, and one can work to make their home study stylish with geometric patterns and pieces. Sculptural geometric furniture and accessories will become a real eye-catcher for your home study. Geometric textiles like curtains, pillows and rugs will polish the interior.

Similar to a living or a bedroom, a study also showcases the creativity of the owner. So, make sure you do your best while designing the interiors of your personal haven, where your thoughts flow and imaginations come alive.


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