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Woman and Business in Times of a Lockdown

At first “it was like working from hell and then it was working from heaven,” .For women who work in senior positions in businesses, this coronavirus-induced lockdown has been a time of learning and reflection as the true variety of work that women have to shoulder has been made obvious. 

 “Every day is a multitasking day,” as most households have lost their domestic help to the lockdown and women are forced to undertake domestic duties while taking care of their businesses at the same time. 

Additionally, women make up most of the domestic workforce in India and have lost jobs during this lockdown disproportionately to men. women go “unpaid and unrecognized” for domestic duties outside their workplaces. This realization combined with the true weight of household chores has made working from home “really hard.”

To effectively juggle both business and home, Woman has decided to create a list of priorities which she has shared with her entire family. They work together to fulfill the duties that her domestic help cannot now fulfill due to the lockdown.

The key to effective multitasking is to “change our mindsets.” 

The lockdown pushes entrepreneurs to stop procrastinating and keep pumping out ideas and plans for the long term. 

Working from home for any entrepreneur is challenging as the ability to create contacts through fieldwork is hindered. In such a case, it is paramount for entrepreneurs to motivate their colleagues and themselves to continue to build networks, find angel investors, clients and strategize to make their business resilient in times of a pandemic-induced lockdown.

“No matter how you motivate others, it takes a long time to motivate yourself” which is why “it is all about your mindset.” 

“If you don’t evolve [with the pandemic], your business is unsustainable,”

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