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Aadhaar linked e-registration for property documents soon in Maharashtra


The state Inspector General Registration and Controller of Stamps (IGR) department is awaiting amendments to Registration Rules, 1961, which will enable individuals to go for Aadhaar linked e-registration of property documents from home with just a web cam and a finger print scanner.

While e-registration of property documents has been initiated for leave and license agreements by the department and for some new projects in the state, the registration department has proposed it for all property registrations with the proposed amendments. The amendment of rules is expected in the cabinet meeting or in the upcoming monsoon session of the legislature.

"We are following up with the government. We have proposed amendment in Rule number 69 of the registration rules, which is basically recommending a word "Aadhaar linked", which would enable individuals to register property documents sitting in their comfort of their home," stated IGR Anil Kawde, who joined the department recently. This would do away with the process of calling in witnesses for proof of identity.

According to IGR officials, with 90 per cent of the people in the state having Aadhaar numbers, identification of the individual is possible by matching the biometric information rather than taking the help of witnesses.

As per the existing rules, it is mandatory for the sub-registrar offices to verify the identity of the applicants by calling in two witnesses. The IGR officials are hoping to use the Aadhaar database to verify the person's identity and help him /her register from home. Officials stated that it would stop overcrowding at 500 odd offices in the state.

In the proposal the department has called the proposal a "consent-based Aadhaar authentication service", which will enable the department to carry out the verification at the individual’s request or with his / her consent, which would be the easiest way to confirm his / her identity.

The officials, while explaining the system, said that after the amendment, the form for registration will first seek consent on electronic or paper format after which the 12 digit Aadhaar number will be entered with the finger print and iris scan in the UIDAI system and this will be saved in the system for verification.

"This will enable the sub-registrar to verify the identity and essentially not need to examine other witnesses. It simplifies the process and reduces the rush at the sub-registrar's office," added Kawde.

"With Aadhaar card, identity is verified and it will put less pressure on citizens to find two witnesses," said the lawyer, who helps with registration and has to often stand in as a witness for his clients.


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