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| Blogs | PMC earns Rs 29 crore from regularising illegal flats

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PMC earns Rs 29 crore from regularising illegal flats

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has collected a fine of Rs 29 crore under the amnesty scheme for regularising constructions in the city.

Even as the opposition claimed that builders benefitted from the scheme and not consumers, civic administration said the scheme has been a success. Over 10,700 flats have been regularised by the civic administration.

The scheme is for owners who have constructed additional portions, made some alterations or have not registered their property. The amnesty scheme was launched in August and continued till October, 2016.

"The scheme was carried out again in March. It was conducted for five days. More than 125 proposals came before the civic administration for discussion and approval," a civic official said.

According to the civic body data, PMC regularised 1,285 flats in five days in March. Since the launch of the project in 2016, over 10,700 flats have been made legal.

"The civic body has stated that the regularisation was carried out for giving relief to home buyers who are suffering because of the misconduct of builders. But the way scheme was hurriedly extended in March, there is scope for raising doubts over the programme," said Vishal Tambe, PMC corporator.

As per the civic officials, the amnesty scheme was a last opportunity for flat owners to regularise their properties before the geographical information system of all properties was completed. It will also help in bringing more properties under the tax net.

The civic body's long-pending project to tag properties under the geographical information system started in September, 2016. Nearly 2,000 people will be deployed and the administration plans to complete the tagging within nine months.

Head of the PMC property tax department Suhas Mapari said, "The city has many unassessed properties. The GIS will bring them under the tax ambit. It will boost the revenue of the department."

The city has around 8.3 lakh properties, of which one lakh are commercial and around 7 lakh are residential buildings. There are 29,000 open plots and the remaining 14,000 are a mix of commercial, residential and open properties.


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