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Display Case Ideas

Display cases are used to add emphasis, elegance and drama to the items they house. Retailers use them to showcase special products in an enticing way for shoppers. Display cases are often located in the front of a store so the items can be easily seen but protected from handling and theft. Museums use display cases to house priceless items, artifacts and historic relics. You can build or buy a display case to house your valuables in your home.


Most people house their valuables such as china, figurines, coins, trophies, awards, memorabilia and even wine in typical cases like china and curio cabinets. You can also build or buy small wall-mounted displays, or you can have a case custom-built to fit a piece of valuable artwork or a priceless antique. Shelves may be made of wood or glass.


Never underestimate the importance of lighting. Install lights at the very top of your display case to “down-light” items on the uppermost level. Install lights at the bottom of your case and point them upward to “up-light” items as well. You can also install lights along the inner sides of the case.


Use fabrics and embellishments to add texture and richness to displayed items. For example, use souvenir programs to highlight baseball cards. Add antique lace handkerchiefs, rich velvets and satins to highlight a collection of historic theatre playbills. Feature miniature car replicas in a collection of restaurant menus from old diners.


Have a professional calligrapher create small cards to identify items in your display case, or create them on your computer using fonts that correspond to the era and feel of your memorabilia. Write the name of an item and its date. For example, mount an autographed photograph from the famed Ali/Foreman boxing match and write on a card "Ali vs. Foreman, Rumble in the Jungle, October 30, 1974."


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