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Get your lavish spacious houses now in Pune

The love for spacious houses is not just a thing of the past. Where density of population has not limited land bank, prospective buyers with deep pockets are opting for space. Quite naturally, apartment culture or match box living has been a necessity for most in the face of rising prices and shrinking spaces.

Interestingly, on one hand, home buyers in cities like Mumbai are looking for pocket-friendly, smaller units. On the other hand, we have Puneiites expressing their desire for open spaces, independent homes and plots. As per our research, these property types in fact outshone the demand for apartments. Well, do you see the old times coming back?


Plots have been a favourite among young buyers who are barely 4-6 years into their jobs.“Not everyone wants to risk all his savings, perhaps which is one reason why new buyers are still considering plots. Moreover, big homes can exceed budgets but never go out of fashion. Buying a plot gives you the freedom to shape your house and alter it as per your conveniences and has seen a growing number of takers recently.”




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