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Let your nest get the best of ultra violet


Infuse confidence and originality into space by styling it correctly with the most trending hue of the year, i.e. ultra violet.

We are a month old in 2018. Like any other industry, the home decor is also talking about the trends. Among the vibrant colour palettes which are being suggested by the experts, the most talked about is ultra violet which is an intense purple. The tone is described as dramatically provocative and dynamic by the leaders of the interior designing. One can go all out by being bold with its application or use it in smaller doses.

To enhance creativity

Those who believe in the idea of colour therapy, you must know that purple or violet is counted as inspiring, creative and healing hue. So why not use it as a tool to enhance the mood of the room? If you have a home office, creative workshops or even the playroom for your little ones, go for this colour.

As an accent piece

If you are shying away from going too bold, then infuse this hue in a smaller dose. An ideal place to experiment would be the living room. Here you can accent a few areas with a rug, vases, a few artefacts, ottomans in purple colour. Even the guest rooms can also flaunt the punch of purple. If you aren't sure, don't paint the entire room in this hue. An arrangement as simple as a huge purple vase with artificial flowers or a vase with artificial orchids or tulips in purple tone can do the needful. Meanwhile, those who like to show off the plush appeal, get an antique boudoir chair in this rich hue. Get some statement pieces. On a furniture of your choice, apply this colour in a high-gloss sheen. To turn a neutral room into a moody one, place a luxurious velvet purple chair.

Best paired with

The hue has its strong identity and enough to be used as a single colour. To play it boldly, go with lighter shades such as white, greys, creams for three walls and one with its darker tone. Make a lasting impression, by combining it with rich hues such as chocolate brown, emerald green, blush or celery green. Similarly, to bring the regal charm, team it with lighted contrasting light blues or popular tints such as terra cotta oranges. Lilac can offer calming and sophisticated effect.

Go dramatic and vibrant

Akin to its creativity enhancing power, it also infuses energy into the place. Consider smaller space such as the entryway to add a touch of drama. It would work as a vibrant colour popup. On a similar note, let this visually stimulating tone leave a lingering and dramatic effect when you paint the hallways and stairways in this hue. Even, a bathroom is an apt place to experiment with ultra violet. It can offer the space a vibrant lift. Painting the entire room in this shade can look vivid. To get the most of its visibility, incorporate this tone into more common areas. Create an element of surprise by painting a space which isn't visible from the entrance.

Play it pale

The lovers of subtle charm might hesitate to go loud with ultra violet. Fret not! Its muted tones, such as mauve, lavender and lilac can cast the spell for you. To create a brilliant visual treat, pair any of these shades with metallic ones such as gold and brass or the trending ones such as deep indigo blue. A simple way to get this look can be by setting the dining table nearly translucent, lilac-tinted drinking glasses and lavender coloured candles in brass candleholders.

Remember this colour never fails, it depends on how you play with the shade, tone and quantity.


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