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Your house, your identity


When decorating a space, we all like to inject our personality to create interest and character, right? We had a chat with a few peeps and here's what they had to say.

The characteristics of a space (i.e. whether it is cramped or spacious, well-lit or poorly lit, full of people or empty) actively contribute to how social relations will evolve in that space. Today, décor and design have become a part of the self, a story told through space. Home space is being passionately converted into a part of oneself, thus reflecting our personality and style. Here's what people had to say.

Colour has a way of conjuring up emotions. My room has a lot of white with accents of bright colours. The decor is minimal and clutterfree. Since my work station and living space are in the same room, white keeps me organised and helps me visualise ideas for work while the open space helps me to think clearly. I consider it a blank canvas, which helps me think and get my creative juices flowing. One thing in my room that would stand out about me is that I am a cat person as it reflects in my décor through posters, figurines, etc. Also, white is a neutral colour and hence does not identify as feminine or masculine.

I have found a new love for lettering and painting lately. So my room has little inspirational notes on walls, some sketches and paintings to keep me in good spirits. I have also fixed myself a firstaid box, mini fridge and a rack, especially for my art supplies. I further look forward to wall decals; moving my furniture around; finding the right spot for a bean bag and a bedside lamp to nurture my reading habit. I grew up sharing a room with my brother and didn't really feel like doing much as I never thought of it as my own personal space. It was just a place to crash at night. My brother and I could never agree on when the lights would go off, ventilation or getting small potted plants and even something as silly as keeping the windows open. Having a room to yourself also means taking your own time with your chores and letting your hair down once in a while.

We started a cafe as a platform for people who can share their ideas, get together, perform and celebrate identities, irrespective of gender. Our cafe walls speak of art that represents gender non-conformity indicative of queerness this space celebrates. A lot of our aesthetics are mirrored in the artwork and paintings, which are reflected in personal and community experiences, and inspiration from people around the world. Our seating area is a common one where you sit together and eat together; this is where the idea of community becomes a part of the space. It gives people a sense of belonging and strengthens the ties of bonding and family.

We moved into our rented flat in Mumbai, which was already furnished and well-maintained. The only thing missing was an identity, a theme that made the place our own. My partner, who was more proactive in making this place a home, wanted to explore a boho look. I had no objections and found the idea interesting. I personally focused on my interest in collecting action figures and honestly, that may be the only extension of myself that decorates my home. Being a collector, at present, I showcase a vast majority of my action figures in the living room area. I tend to alter the setup every now and then to accommodate the latest purchase but that's more or less where my involvement in decorating the place ends, save of course if my partner needs help in putting up something interesting. The action figure setup is the biggest attraction for anyone who drops by to visit. Coming home to these little things feels better as compared to when we first moved in.

There aren't many things that communicate our personalities as loudly as our homes do. In case of a couple moving in together, there is often a clash when it comes to choosing the right décor. The idea is to harmonise their choices and infuse a bit of both personalities and accentuate their personal expression. We were headed in a direction where people were more focused on work and neglected their homes. But today, millennials are interested in infusing their personality and design aesthetic in their homes and are paying more attention to their home space.


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