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Chic look - Light it up!


One can bring in an altogether new dimension to a space with a thoughtful application of decorative lights.

Any space in a house has a particular function.

Although architectural design allocates spaces according to the function, it cannot address the requirement of various moods in any given space. This is then put in the basket of the interior designer who can address the same requirement using various tools and applications of design. One such tool is Lighting Design.

Lighting sways the overall ambience of the place by accentuating its warm decor. One can bring in an altogether new dimension to a space with the application of chandeliers, fluorescent lampshades and decorative lights.

Lighting basically has two aspects functional and aesthetic. Functionally, home lighting should be deign should be designed considering the basic requirement of the room. Before you go out and buy your lighting fixtures, you need to properly plan your entire home based on the activities that are taking place in each room. This will, in turn, determine which type of illumination fixtures is best to get in which room. For example, the lighting needs of a dining room would be very different from that of a study room.

Aesthetically, it can be arranged to create the desired mood with the function of colour, technique and intensity.

Generally, beyond good natural day lighting, lighting design is not given a serious thought while sketching a living space. Even though natural lighting is an integral part of architecture designing, it must also very effectively address the requirement of artificial light designing for any given space.

Lighting designs can be customised as per the requirements of the customer. Just a bit of work in the projection, intensity and placement of lighting can rejuvenate and redefine any space in your home. For example, a living room has to address the events and moods like general everyday living, festival gatherings, formal parties and fun parties. So the lighting treatment of the given space also will vary and oscillate according to the aforementioned moods of the occasion. In routine life, typical lights that are used are fluorescent lamps which are fixed on the walls. However, these don't go very well with different occasions.

The following tips can be handy to lighten and brighten up spaces:

Placing lamps in different corners is an excellent idea. They bring in an extra effect rather than simply illumination. You can use warm white as the colour of the lamp to enhance the elegance element of any space.

Install these in coves so the ugly fixture remains hidden and the light is diffused. Coves brighten up the area to glow with a gentle luminescence and spreads shadows around beams, contours and decorative fixtures. By using cove lighting, the glare can also be minimised as the light is first reflected before being aimed on a particular object.

In the same cove, one can install a second line of stall a second line of lights which neither have nor mal white light for regular day-to-day usage. In the false ceiling, use CFL, metal halide or halogen fixtures with dimmer control to adjust and customise the lights according to your moods.

Further, lighting can be enhanced using wall sconces and pedestal floor lamps. Wall sconces are classic light fixtures ideal for rooms where floor space is scarce. There is huge selection of sconces available in contemporary and traditional styles which suit every decorating taste.

Floor lamps can also light the ceiling (depends on actual product chosen), which adds to the effect and illuminates your mood. Unlike ceiling lights that provide lighting from above going from light to dark, these will illuminate a corner or a section of a room and can even highlight a particular object, such as a piece of art.

Use of LED for lighting is a growing trend. LED can work wonders for a home environment. They bring in fun, function and beauty to home decor. When used with available control gear, one can get in millions of colours. The LED lights can be used in different creative ways to adapt to the occasion and your mood. Though costly to install, the running cost for LED lamps is very less and they are long lasting.


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